Consumers would purchase Chevrolet Volt again, new survey finds

The Chevrolet Volt, a popular hybrid car marketed as the Holden Volt in Australia and New Zealand, has ranked as the top scoring model in the recent Consumer Reports National Research Center Owner-Satisfaction survey.

Of those participants in the survey who owned a Volt, an impressive 92 per cent said that they would be willing to purchase the same model car again if given the choice.

That placed the Volt as the number one most satisfying vehicle in the rankings, which featured a total of 44 different models. Of those, ten were fuel efficient cars such as hybrids, electrics and diesels.

Consumer Reports' auto editor Rik Paul says the results are an indication of just how enthusiastic the public is becoming about hybrid green cars like the Volt, as more and more of these low fuel consumption vehicles continue to hit the market.

"The combination of sporty handling and strong engine performance also goes a long way in building loyalty and generating excitement among owners," noted Mr Paul in a statement released November 29.

Other hybrid cars to perform well in the Owner-Satisfaction survey included the Toyota Camry Hybrid, the Toyota Prius, and the Toyota Prius C, as well as the Nissan Leaf.

However at the opposite end of the spectrum lie many cars which failed to impress their owners, such as the Nissan Versa Sedan, which less than 50 per cent of survey participants said they would buy again.

The results may be of interest to any fleet manager who is looking to cut down on overall expenses by reducing fuel consumption amongst company vehicles.

Investing in fuel efficient cars such as the Volt, which has received numerous US-based and international awards over the years, can be a good way to cut back on day to day expenses and to ensure your fleet is more environmentally friendly as well.