Could Tesla cure range anxiety?

Electric vehicles are currently growing across the globe, with a number of good options now available for both consumers and fleet managers.

However, there's one barrier that's sure to be a sticking point when buying these cars - the fact that recharging infrastructure is still emerging. In nearly every area across the globe, electric vehicle charging stations are few and far between.

That's why it's good news to hear that electric car maker Tesla, based in the United States, has announced a possible cure for this 'range anxiety'.

The range anxiety problem

Across the globe, petrol-powered cars can drive nearly anywhere thanks to the astonishing number of gas stations in every city and nearly every town. This isn't yet an option with electric vehicles, as dedicated charging stations only exist in very specific areas.

For fleet managers who want to implement clean, green cars, this makes it somewhat of a problem as they can never be sure that staff will have enough juice to make it to their destination.

Tesla has taken measures to improve this with the Supercharger network - a massive (and growing) number of charging stations which can recharge a Tesla in a short space of time.

What's more, they have just completely solved the issue.

The Tesla solution

In early March, owner of Tesla Elon Musk announced that the company had a plan to 'end range anxiety'. While some thought this could mean a powerful new battery update for the Model S series of cars, it actually turned out to be a way of managing energy and planning trips.

As part of a new 'over the air' update delivered to the cars computers, a new route planner will now warn drivers when they're leaving the range of charging stations, and the battery usage estimate will be far more accurate.

Drivers will also be given a warning when they're about to run out of range, and they'll have to give a verbal acknowledgement to the car that they're about to run out of power.

It remains to be seen just how useful such updates will be - but there's a good chance Tesla has indeed taken a real step forward when it comes to electric vehicle range.

Electric vehicles are still very much a developing technology - and both the batteries and recharging stations still need to reach a certain level before we'll see more cars on the road. However, this Tesla update could give the cars the bump they need.