Could Townsville become Australia's Mecca for green cars?

Range anxiety. The two words that frighten any fleet manager tasked with managing electric cars in a world that is only slowly warming to their existence. 

While we all like the idea of them, the limited range can be a challenge to businesses whose employees need a vehicle that can ferry them hundreds of kilometres and refill - or recharge - easily.

According to a May 22 article from Cars Guide, just over 1,000 fully electric vehicles have been sold in Australia this year. It might not seem like much, but as every journey begins with a single footstep, it might as well be a green one. 

To try and focus Australia's attention on green cars, the Queensland government has announced the beginning of what could be the state's first "electric super highway".

The Queensland government is currently advertising for registrations of interest to build a service station in Oonooba​, just outside of Townsville, that will service both electric- and petrol-powered cars. 

The town is only 3 kilometres from both the Bruce Highway and Townsville's CBD, which positions it perfectly for the highway's travellers and workers from the nearby city. 

Minister for Disability Services Coralee O'Rourke said the government had a strong vision for the structure and hopes it will provide convenience for the motorists who use it.

"Our vision is for this to be the start of an 'electric super highway' by facilitating fast-charging service locations for drivers travelling up and down the length of Queensland," she said. 

"Up to two electric vehicles could charge at the same time, with an expected average charge time of 15-30 minutes."

With the lack of infrastructure still being one of the main barriers to entry for people keen on electric cars, this could be the start of a growing revolution.