Cutting carbon emissions could offer major health benefits to Australia

A joint report from the Climate and Health Alliance and the Climate Institute has shed further light on the financial and health benefits of reducing carbon emissions in Australia.

Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action, released August 14, suggests that pollution from fossil fuel powered modes of transport such as cars and trucks could be costing Australia around $3.3 billion a year.

Furthermore, the report puts forth evidence to suggest that air pollution is leading to more Australian fatalities annually than the road toll. 

"Evidence from around the world suggests we’re missing out if we don’t cash in on the big health dividend that cutting emissions can deliver," said CAHA Convenor Fiona Armstrong, who authored the report.

"One recent global study, for instance, found that for every tonne of carbon dioxide they avoid countries could save an average of $46 in health costs—around twice Australia’s starting price for carbon."

If you are a fleet manager looking to do your part and help move Australia towards the goal of a low emissions future, than you might consider investing in green cars which emit less carbon dioxide and are therefore better for the environment.

Furthermore, because these vehicles offer lower fuel consumption than their non-green counterparts, you can save considerably in petrol expenses as well.