The danger of animal-vehicle collisions

As the weather cools and winter sets in, drivers in Australia need to be aware of the danger of animal-vehicle collisions.

According to research published by AAMI in July of last year, animal collisions with vehicles are 40 per cent more likely to occur during winter months than during summer.

A number of factors contribute to this statistic - increased animal activity, poor driving conditions and limited visibility, to name a few.

For this reason, it is important that drivers and fleet managers understand the danger that animals on the road can cause, and know how best to mitigate this possibility.

If you are a fleet manager and want to minimise the risk of one of your drivers being involved in an animal-vehicle collision, it may be a good idea to ensure all fleet maintenance duties are being performed as scheduled. 

This will mean that stopping distances of vehicles are minimised, and will ensure that drivers are able to control their cars in an emergency situation.

It's also a good idea for fleet managers to ensure that there is a comprehensive roadside assistance program in place at their organisation, so that drivers are able to access help should an incident occur.

Furthermore, an accident management service can also be beneficial in these situations as it provides drivers with a single, toll-free number that they can call in an accident.

This will ensure that all details of the accident are recorded and that all procedural requirements are complied with, reducing headaches and insurance frustrations further down the line.

As a final note, it may be worthwhile passing on the contact details of the RSPCA to your drivers as well.

That way, if they are in a collision with an animal, they have a number to call to ensure that the animal in question gets the help and treatment that it needs.