Double demerit points in place this long weekend

Transport for NSW has warned drivers to be careful on the roads this long weekend, and to remember that double demerit points will be in place for a range of driving offences.

Exceeding the speed limit by less than 10 km/hour will be enough for drivers to receive two demerit points, while exceeding the posted limit by more than 31 km/hour will be cause for an automatic license suspension. 

Motorists who are not wearing seatbelts will also be punished with additional demerit points, as will motorcyclists caught wearing incorrect safety gear.

"Double demerit point periods save lives and reduce the road toll, but there are also other simple steps motorists can take to help keep themselves, their passengers and others safe on the roads," said a Transport for NSW spokesperson in a statement issued September 27.

"Don’t rush to your destination. Speeding or driving while fatigued just to arrive a little bit earlier can have devastating consequences. Allow extra time to get to your destination and arrive safely."

If you are a fleet manager in New South Wales, it may be a good time to remind your staff of a few safe driving precautions that they can take this long weekend.

Proper driver education, in combination with regular fleet maintenance, is one of the best ways to reduce the danger that one of your company vehicles will be involved in an incident on the roads.

Transport for NSW has reminded motorists not to drink or take drugs before driving, and to ensure they stop and rest should they feel themselves becoming tired or drowsy at any time.

By remembering to Stop, Revive, Survive, drivers can ensure they and their fellow motorists stay safe on the roads.

There are reportedly over 1,400 rest areas in NSW which travellers can use to relax and refresh themselves. These are often also equipped with toilets, picnic tables, barbeques and playgrounds, so there is no excuse not to stay awake and aware on the roads this long weekend.