Doublecheck your fleet vehicles before heading into the winter months

As the cool winter months descend onto our communities, there are a lot of things to take care of. Chopping firewood, checking home insulation, and stocking up on woollen socks are all part and parcel of preparing for Jack Frost's chilly onslaught.

But if you're a fleet manager, there is another aspect of winter you should be concerned about - double-checking your vehicles are still safe and up to standard.

The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) has issued a reminder to all drivers that it is incredibly important to check your vehicles heading into winter.

Mark Borlace, RAA senior manager for mobility and automotive policy, said in a statement released June 13 that as the wet weather hits, it is especially important to check your vehicles tyres.

He advised checking the wear of the tyres, ensuring the tread is at least two millimetres, and that the pressure is correct for all four tyres. 

Windscreen wipers were also a factor he recommended to check, in order to ensure they are in full working condition before embarking into the wild winter weather.

You should check that the wipers are in a good state, and if they're split, ridged or ineffective, it is recommended to seek replacements.

"The same applies to your battery. Make sure it's up to those cold and damp starts, and if not, get it replaced," Mr Borlace said.

Ensuring your fleet maintenance is taken care of before the harshest winter elements show up is an important part of maintaining your fleet functionality. Breakdowns and other avoidable occurrences can be costly, in both time and money.

Consider taking preventative measures to reduce the risk of vehicle downtime and to make sure your fleet remains fully functional through the winter months.