Driver education: keeping safe in the heat

Summer has well and truly arrived, with many parts of Australia hitting astonishingly high temperatures this weekend.

And while some people may be enjoying the warm weather and the opportunity to spend a day at the beach, it is worth remembering that heat waves such as this can be incredibly dangerous if precautions are not taken. 

For that reason, if you are a fleet manager looking to ensure the wellbeing of your drivers this summer, it might be worthwhile passing on a few tips about safely operating a vehicle in hot weather.

Here are three key points which all motorists should keep in mind while out and about this summer.

Check your engine regularly

High temperatures bring with them a greater risk of overheating and engine failure, something which can not only result in expensive fleet maintenance costs but can also be extremely dangerous as well.

Drivers should remember to keep an eye on their engine temperature gauge, and to make sure that all vehicles are adequately topped up with oil, water and engine coolant at all times.

Stay hydrated when driving

Cars can reach extremely high temperatures during the middle of the day, so it is important for motorists to ensure they are staying hydrated and comfortable at all times.

Excessive heat can cause fatigue, dizziness and even loss of consciousness if the proper precautions are not taken, so drivers should remember to practice a safety first approach and be willing to pull over to rest when necessary.

Use your air conditioning

It's true that using the air conditioning can lead to a higher level of car fuel consumption, but that is no reason for a motorist to put their own safety in jeopardy.

Drivers should be willing to use the air conditioning to cool down their car when necessary. Another alternative, when stopped in traffic jams or slow moving traffic, is to simply wind down the windows to ensure adequate airflow throughout the vehicle.