Drivers must be vigilant for 'active' wildlife

Encounters with wildlife on Australia's highways can sometimes be inevitable, but there are a number of things that motorists can do to protect their safety.

For example, drivers taking to the roads in Queensland during the holiday season and the sunny summer months need to take special care of native wildlife.

The state government issued a reminder earlier this week (December 23) that collisions with animals can have serious consequences for motorists, as well as native wildlife.

State environment minister Andrew Powell asserted that the summer months are one of the most active times of year for Queensland's wild animals - and as there are likely to be more vehicles on the roads during the festive season, it is especially important for drivers to be alert.

Certain types of wildlife are more prevalent in different parts of the state, he added.

Mr Powell said: "We know there are kangaroos in large numbers particularly in western Queensland. Up north people need to be on the lookout for cassowaries, and in the south-east animals like koalas can also make their way onto our highways and motorways."

He added that drivers should take particular care when approaching blind spots like crests of hills and corners - and remember that wildlife can make sudden, unpredictable movements into traffic.

Extra care and vigilance is needed to maintain Queensland's delicate ecosystem, particularly as 477 koalas and seven cassowaries were all killed on the state's roads last year.

Employers can also do their part to look out for the state's wildlife by encouraging green driving practices among their staff.

The right fleet software can help encourage green driving and keep fuel consumption low, minimising the impact driving can have on the environment.