Drivers urged to stay safe on roads in the new year

Motorists in New South Wales are being urged by the state's police service to curb their risky behaviour on the roads, particularly during the summer holiday season.

The annual Operation Safe Arrival campaign is set to conclude on January 2, but representatives from NSW Police assert that there are still many drivers engaging in unsafe behaviour on the roads.

For example, during the first ten days of the campaign - which began on December 20 - NSW Police handed out more than 9,000 infringement notices for speeding.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said that while the fact that there have been three fewer fatalities recorded on the state's roads compared with the same time last year, more can still be done to improve safety.

He said: "We’re still seeing far too many people speeding and drink-driving, which along with fatigue, inattention and failure to wear a seat-belt, are the most common causes of fatal crashes."

He added: "As we near the end of the public-holiday period, we urge people to slow down, drive to conditions and obey the rules of the road."

Fleet managers can also do their part to ensure that drivers stay safe on the roads by making sure that vehicles are properly maintained and serviced regularly.

Comprehensive fleet management software can provide a number of useful reports - including exception reports that encourage best practice from employees, as well as vehicle utilisation reports to show the movement of the vehicles in your fleet.

Fleet managers may wish to regularly review best practice standards with their drivers, including the importance of wearing a seatbelt and keeping to the speed limit.

Earlier this month, a Perth doctor asserted that by sticking to the speed limit, drivers could considerably reduce their risk of internal injury if they were involved in a collision.