The easier way to manage vehicle procurement

As any good fleet manager will know, vehicle procurement and disposal is an essential part of improving efficiency and reducing expenses.

When vehicles get older they will often grow increasingly unreliable and become more likely to require maintenance and servicing to stay on the road.

The difficulty can therefore become determining when the correct time is to replace vehicles, in order to minimise unnecessary costs and ensure the safety of drivers is maintained.

Another time when vehicle procurement might become necessary is when the organisation has outgrown its fleet, meaning there are not enough vehicles to meet the needs of the company and of individual drivers.

These are both areas where fleet services can help, by providing your organisation with comprehensive reports into the performance of each vehicle and allowing you to make a better and more informed decision.

Fleet services can assist throughout the latter stages of vehicle procurement and disposal as well, by determining a whole of life cost for each individual vehicle your organisation is considering purchasing.

This whole of life cost encompasses everything from the initial price of the vehicle, to ongoing expenses such as registration and fuel consumption and even servicing and maintenance fees.

By weighing up the whole of life cost of each potential vehicle, you can ensure that your purchasing decision is one that will provide ongoing benefits for your organisation.

Once you have determined which vehicles are to be procured, a fleet service provider can then contact a range of potential suppliers in order to create a competitive tendering environment.

In this manner organisations can see a significant savings in the initial cost of procurement, while still maintaining control and the decision making authority throughout the entire process.