Effectively managing a fleet is all about monitoring data

Managing a fleet of professional drivers is a complicated process. You're usually working with a limited amount of resources, and it can be challenging to make the most of them. You will always wish you had more cars, more drivers or a fatter budget, but you simply have to make do with what you're given.

You're working with a limited amount of resources, and it can be challenging to make the most of them.

Optimising this process requires keeping a close eye on all the relevant data. Is your team performing as well as you'd like? If not, what specific indicators can you point to that show room for improvement? Answering these sorts of questions is crucial if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your team.

Measuring both work and results

Having a good handle on the performance of your fleet can get tricky because you're trying to measure two things at once. According to the United States Office of Personnel Management, there are two equally important aspects to gauging team performance in any work setting - there's measuring performance and measuring results.

With a fleet, performance refers to the actual work your drivers put in - their hours, distance travelled and car fuel consumption, to name a few key factors. Measuring results is a little different, as the goal is to assess each employee's net impact on the bottom line. Is each driver making or losing money for your company? Obviously, this is equally important to figure out.

Getting everyone on the same team

One way to manage a fleet is to keep all your data under wraps - to use your fleet management program to monitor employees in secret and make clandestine decisions. This is one way to do business, but it might not be optimal.

Get your staff all on the same team.Get your staff all on the same team.

Now that we have advanced software and a new mindset about analytics in the fleet management space today, it's easier to unite employees and their bosses behind common goals. Fleet managers can define their business objectives, share data and discuss strategies for improvement. Better fleet performance can be a true team effort.

Find a comprehensive software solution

What you really need to coordinate drivers perfectly is advanced software for fleet management that gives you access to personalised managed services. With Smartfleet, that's exactly what you get. Our managerial team will give you all the tools you need to monitor, chart and optimise your staff's performance.

At Smartfleet, we combine a first-class software solution with tailored service. This ensures that you have both the technology and the insightful ideas you need for your business to achieve success.