Electric cars the future of fleet management?

A new report has argued that electric cars are the future in Australia, meaning they could become a staple of fleet management.

If you are a fleet manager, you will no doubt be looking at ways to improve your efficiency, reduce costs and lower your impact on the environment.

Well, according to the Energy Supply Association of Australia (essa), electric vehicles are able to deliver all of these benefits - making them an ideal choice for the country's roads.

The organisation published a new discussion paper on Monday (November 25), which highlighted the advantages of supporting eco-friendly cars.

Not only do they offer a better environmental performance for Australia's transport fleet, essa stated, they minimise the nation's reliance on fossil fuels and better utilise existing networks.

Chief executive of the association Matthew Warren said the car market is consumer driven and people will want electric cars with value, reliability and brand recognition.

"Once you have enough electric cars in a market, they create their own infrastructure, their own after-sales support and their own re-sale market," he explained.

The chief executive highlighted developed markets such as California, where McDonalds and Ikea are providing recharging facilities in a bid to attract customers at the same time.

"But if we don't find a way of enabling this initial critical mass, then in a small market like Australia we will just discourage car makers from bringing electric cars here, and we may be waiting a long time to unlock the benefits they can deliver," he continued.

Mr Warren said the Australian market is primed for electric cars, with approximately 98 per cent of journeys by urban drivers within the range of a fully charged electric car.

He argued that part of the problem is people assume electric vehicles should attempt to imitate conventional cars.

"They both have different strengths and weaknesses, but there's a lot to like about what electric cars have to offer," Mr Warren stated.