Electric vehicles catching on worldwide

There's no denying the rapid rise of the electric car.

The prospect of an environmentally friendly vehicle that also saves costs makes it a sensible option for any fleet manager.

However, one niggling issue has stirred much debate among EV enthusiasts ever since these cars began hitting the market - how to implement a quick and efficient charging system.

While fuel consumption was no longer a fleet maintenance issue, traditional EV charging points were slow and cumbersome, with many taking hours just to charge a single vehicle. This was obviously a problem for fleets whose vehicles needed to be reliable, mobile and on call at any time of day, at short notice.

Many initiatives taking place around the globe, however, show promising signs that this will no longer be an issue.

One of these is the growth in the number of state-funded quick charge points.

In England, for example, South Yorkshire was granted £225,000 (AUD$387,600) from the Department of Transport to install more of these charging units around the county, according to The Star.

These charging points promise to offer a full charge in just half an hour.

Transport minister Norman Baker said that the funding would enable the charging points to become a practical and ubiquitous option for anyone needing to quickly recharge their EV.

"With hundreds of new charge points adding to the ever-expanding network of infrastructure, people will be able to recharge their cars at stations, in hospital car parks and on streets all over the country," he told The Star in an August 2 article.

The news comes a month after Australia announced its own similar state-funded initiative, when the Victorian government revealed its first fast charging station at the Swinburne University of Technology.

With such developments becoming increasingly prevalent both here and abroad, there is real hope that EVs will finally catch on as a viable solution for fleet managers.