Eliminate the registration frustration

Filling out the relevant forms and paying for the registration of your own personal vehicle can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

But if you are an Australian fleet manager or someone who is responsible for a fleet of company vehicles, you will understand just how headache-inducing this process can be when dealing with a large assortment of automobiles.

However that is nothing compared to the difficulties that can arise if registrations are not kept up-to-date and paid on time, as this can lead to vehicles being unnecessarily kept of the road.

Fleet management software can eliminate the registration frustration by recording, tracking and managing the entire process for you.

With software for fleet management, you will be informed of upcoming registration expiration a full 90 days ahead of time and allow renewal submission to be done entirely electronically.

At the same time, because the entire process is transparent, no payments will be done without the consent of the people in charge of the vehicles. This ensures you remain in control of the situation while still being able to redirect your efforts to more important tasks.

Furthermore, any necessary inspections will be arranged with the driver well before the expiration date, ensuring that no roadblocks arise which could prevent registration happening in a timely and productive manner.