Ensure your fleet takes extra care on the road during the cooler winter months

Heading into the cool, winter months means a lot of things - frosty mornings, darker nights, and wrapping up in layers to beat the chill.

But when it comes to road safety, winter can also be a time of increased risk for accidents and damages to your vehicles. There's never been a better time to check your fleet's accident management system to ensure all your processes are smooth and streamlined.

As a fleet manager, even the smallest of accidents can cause massive headaches. If your cars are out of action for extended periods of time, it could mean a loss of income and overall productivity for your business.

Obviously, the best accident management is prevention - but sometimes accidents are unavoidable. In these situations, having a comprehensive fleet management system in place can help to reduce the ramifications.

Smartfleet offer a 24 hour service which offers on-scene management in order to ensure driver safety and process compliance. This accommodates everything - from the initial incident through to support and assistance with preparing insurance documents.

Furthermore, all the details are recorded in our software which means that, should any work be required for your vehicles, it can be organised and undertaken by our specialised maintenance team.

However, with the winter season well and truly here, now could be a good time to remind your drivers about safe driving practices to undertake while they're out on the roads.

Taking into consideration the reduced visibility that can afflict drivers, as well as compensation for the wet, slippery roads could help to reduce incidents from occurring.

Abiding by the speed limit is another factor to consider. It's worth remembering that it is only a limit - not a target. Slowing down slightly when the conditions are less than perfect can help to protect your drivers, your vehicles, and others on the road.