Environmental concerns lead fleet managers to consider hybrid cars

Businesses everywhere are facing a high level of pressure to be eco-friendly in their daily practices. Reducing a company's carbon footprint and being gentler to the environment can yield benefits in a number of ways - for starters, it helps enhance a brand's reputation with the public and negates the risk of conflict with regulatory agencies.

There's a rising level of concern about our collective levels of car fuel consumption.

For those who manage a fleet of professional drivers, one of the key areas with potential for green improvement is vehicle selection. Drivers in Australia use a staggering amount of fuel every year, but driving more efficient cars might be one way to cut into this usage.

Concern about consumption today

There's a rising level of concern in Australia these days about our collective levels of car fuel consumption. State governments in particular have begun to worry - for example, according to the South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet, that state consumes 2.3 billion litres of fossil fuels and generates 6.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

With figures like these on their minds, the public and private sectors have begun working together to reduce their footprint. They've begun promoting low-emission vehicles, more efficient driving techniques and better maintenance.

Hybrid vehicles have real potential

Due to fuel consumption concerns, there's a rising level of interest in green cars such as hybrids, according to research from Toyota. Many hybrids nowadays have the option of going into electric vehicle mode and reducing fuel use to essentially zero in some situations; this is obviously invaluable when it comes to conservation.

The future of fleet management involves greener cars.The future of fleet management involves greener cars.

The other benefit of using green cars is that many of them come with real-time information displays that help with monitoring fuel efficiency and encouraging drivers to adjust their strategies as they go.

Guide your decision-making with data

If you're considering revamping your company's vehicle fleet - perhaps with better vehicles, smarter driving or some combination of the two - it helps to use software for fleet management that can guide you through that process. With the right software, you can gain the capabilities needed for powerful real-time data reporting that can drive business improvement.

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