Federal budget win for fleet managers

The 2013-14 Federal Budget has just been released, and the generous sums being dedicated to Australia's regional highways and transport infrastructure are sure to be a big hit with fleet managers the country over.

The more than $13 billion the government is planning to spend on road infrastructure projects will help keep your fleet maintenance costs down, because - as every good fleet manager knows - safer roads mean less car accidents, and less accidents mean less damage to your company's fleet.

"The support in this Budget for crucial transport infrastructure projects is well-targeted and will deliver long-term benefits for Australia," said AAA executive director Andrew McKellar in a May 14 statement.

Approximately $60 billion has already gone into making Australia's roads safer and functioning better. According to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, 7,500 kilometres of road has been either built or upgraded around the country so far.

Fleet managers in Queensland whose vehicles frequent the Bruce Highway will be delighted to hear that $4.1 billion will be invested in improving this major road system over the next ten years.

An impressive $1.8 billion has also been assigned to constructing the WestConnex, a 33-kilometre highway in Western Sydney that was proposed in October last year.

The total amount of public and private money that will go towards further improving our nation's roads and other transport-related amenities, such as electricity generators and water storage facilities, is 42 per cent higher than it was seven years ago.

Mr McKellar is pleased that the government is continuing to make a pronounced financial commitment to getting key transport projects underway with the new budget.

He claimed yesterday that such projects are "essential if we are to address worsening congestion in our major cities and to improve safety and productivity on our national highways".