Finalists for Australia's Best Car 2013 announced

Australia's motoring clubs have banded together to announce the finalists for the 2013 car of the year award.

Extensive assessment of 210 different models was undertaken by the clubs in order to find 45 finalists that fall into 15 categories.

Categories include best light car, best people mover and best 4x4 duel cab ute. The best small, medium, large and SUV categories were split according to price. For example, the best small car under $35,000 and the best small car over that price.

This will make it easier for managers looking into upgrading their fleets to understand what their best options are within their price range.

Judges from the motoring clubs went to the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Victoria to evaluate the range of cars. The judges had experience and skills in motoring advocacy, vehicle testing and automotive engineering.

Finalists were chosen based on performance, safety and value for money, according to Australian Automobile association Chief Executive Andrew McKellar.

"Australia's Best Cars is an annual initiative of the motoring clubs of Australia and it serves as a valuable information tool for consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle," he said.

If you are an Australian fleet manager and you are thinking about upgrading your fleet, keep an eye out in November because that is when results will be announced.

The competition was tough, said Mr McKellar, with over 100 vehicles competing for a place in the light/small car category alone.

Results of the competition will make choosing a new car easier as it gives fleet managers information to aid them to make an informed decision.

Those interested in green cars should note hybrid vehicles were included alongside petrol and diesel vehicles, as were a range of different priced cars, from under $20,000 to $130,000.