Fleet managers can learn from the New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show is currently being held in Manhattan and a total of 60 new models are exhibited. Fleet managers interested in adding cars with the latest features, or keeping an eye out for the trends in car technology, can learn a lot from what is on display. 

"This year's show has more crucial global debuts than I've seen in my 20 years in the industry", said automotive analyst and editor Karl Brauer in an article for Forbes on March 30. 

Car enthusiasts and reporters flocked to the event to see the innovation in car design for the newest models. Among these were luxury brands such as McLaren, Cadillac and Porsche, as well as creative advances from manufacturers like Lexus, Nissan and Toyota.

Developments in safety were prioritised. Significant features included improvements to pedestrian-sensing technology. This uses pre-collision sensors to automatically brake if a person is in front of the car. Additionally, the use of motion sensors in steering wheels to detect drowsy driver behaviour is also being introduced.

This invention learns a driver's habits and movement on the wheel, to sound an alarm if the steering motions slip or slow down. As more and more cars get this feature, fleet maintenance will become easier with regard to reviewing driver behaviour. 

An interest in green cars and sustainability was also showcased at the New York event. Hybrid cars were being celebrated in the displays, particularly the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid. This hybrid SUV design will be a welcome choice for fleet managers who want practicality and functionality in their cars as well as environmentally friendly benefits.

Better yet, Toyota plans to manufacture hybrid versions of each of its models by the end of this decade. This will offer fleet managers in Australia a vast range of green cars to choose from in the near future.