Fleet managers to see fuel transparency in the Northern Territory?

Northern Territory fleet managers will no doubt be concerned as the state's fuel prices sky rocket, driving up the cost of running vehicles.

For many years, drivers in the state have been hit with prices much higher than other areas around the country, and now the government is beginning the process to find out why.

This week (October 15), the Giles Government released a draft bill for public discussion which aims to push fuel companies into disclosing their fuel costs and profits. It is hoped that each month the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs will analyse and check this information and present it in a consumer-friendly format to the general public.

This document will be critical for state fleet managers who are in a constant battle to manage their fuel consumption and to keep operating costs down.

Chief Minister Adam Giles said the disclosure of information would be compulsory and police will be involved if any company refused.

"Petrol companies should make no mistake - we are serious about giving consumers a clear picture of what profits are being made and driving competition by allowing motorists to make informed choices about where they fill up," he said.

"The draft Bill includes heavy penalties for failure to comply, as well as wide-ranging powers for the Consumer Affairs Commissioner to force the disclosure of required information."

Mr Giles also mentioned a special 'price motivator' provision clause which would mean some companies can be exempt if they sell fuel within certain parameters. This could promote fuel wars between companies as they compete to keep their information out of the public eye.

The draft legislation is expected to be tabled during Parliament sittings in the coming weeks.

Fleet managers concerned with their fuel consumption could invest in fleet management software that can accurately track usage and ensure your business isn't wasting money at the fuel pump.