Fleet replacement for Ambulance Service of NSW

In addition to providing $330 million to see upgrades completed on NSW's roads, the recently released state budget has allocated almost $1.2 billion to improve health care services.

Particularly, a total of $8.9 million has been granted to replace the Ambulance Service of NSW's fleet.

Their fleet is one of the largest and most modern in the world. It consists of over 1,500 vehicles. Almost 1,000 of these are front-line ambulance vehicles.

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Most of the vehicles in the Ambulance Service are leased for a maximum of three years, though some (such as the Toyota Landcruiser) is leased for up to four years.

According to the Ambulance Service of NSW's website, they replace around 400 vehicles in their massive fleet each and every year.

This is because their vehicles are constantly on the go. All in all, their fleet travels approximately 35,000,000 kilometres a year, or 100,000 kilometres per day.

It is unlikely that you will need to replace the vehicles in your fleet quite as regularly. With regular updates from our fleet software, you will know when new vehicles should be procured and old ones disposed.

A vehicle procurement and disposal service is also included in Smartfleet's software.

Smartfleet currently manages over 30,000 vehicles for 160 clients across Australia.

These clients include government bodies and councils, universities, not-for-profit and health organisations.

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