Fleet vehicles of the future

The portrayal of future transport has looked like an exciting area of development. The speed at which the world changed from horse and carriage to using the internal combustion engine in the 19th century was as fast as it was game-changing.

It's not unrealistic to imagine that the same is going to happen with the next big evolution of transportation.

The immediate future of the automotive industry is much more grounded than the Hollywood depictions of hover technology, though perhaps no less exciting. Instead of focusing on new technologies, per se, current ones are being improved to present a fleet with better cost-efficiency and low car fuel consumption.

In its latest Car of the Future report, Citi Research looked extensively at what is immediately down the road for the automotive industry and what this means for the businesses that rely on them.

Energy efficiency

LED headlights are set for a revolution in our vehicles, with cars becoming more energy efficient - Citi Research found that the technology will grow by 51 per cent to meet low energy demands.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) will both increase by 40 per cent, as green cars become a more viable option for consumers and businesses.

The report states that regulations on CO2 emissions will continue to drive change, meaning fleet managers will have access to more efficient and complex vehicles.


Another part of the automotive industry set to skyrocket is the use of telematics data. While Citi Research explained the automotive industry is set for 4 per cent growth between now and 2020, telematics adoption is forecast to increase by 34 per cent.

In theory, this means our vehicles will need more management to get the best out of them. Larger amounts of data will be available to the fleet manager, though using it effectively could prove complicated.

Fleet management software is likely to play a huge part in both meeting fuel efficiency demands and harnessing big data vehicle telematics. Not everything is a future technology, however, and fleet managers can discover that there is much that can be done today to assist a business fleet.

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