Fleets reminded of Melbourne speed changes

Two connection roads to the popular Princes Highway have had their speed limits amended under changes from VicRoads this week.

On Old Geelong Road and Point Cook Road in Wyndham, the speed limit has been reduced from 70km/h to 60km/h. All signs which illustrated the old restrictions have now been removed to eliminate confusion for fleet services.

Many roads around Melbourne suffer from the same issue - multiple speed limits along the same road and, in some cases, along the same stretch. To fix this ongoing safety issue for road users, the Victorian Speed Limit Review is analysing roads in the city and systematically changing the rules.

VicRoads Regional Director Patricia Liew said it can quite confusing for fleet drivers with different signage within close proximity.

"This is particularly relevant along lengths of road which feature a combination of 60, 70, 80 and 90km/h speed limits. As a result, 90 and 70km/h speed limits will be gradually phased out," she said.

"The changes to the speed limit will not come at the expense of safety."

In the case of Old Geelong Road and Point Cook Road, the new speed limit is expected to give fleets a more logical speed zone in relation to the surrounding area.

"Point Cook Road carries an average of 22,000 vehicles per day and provides access to the Princes Freeway," Ms Liew explained.

"Old Geelong Road is also an important freight route that carries around 15,000 vehicles per day, providing drivers access to the Princes Freeway, Western Ring Road and Sayers Road."

VicRoads believes the change will be beneficial  for the area's congestion and will improve driver and pedestrian safety.

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