Fleets at risk from car park accidents

New data from the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) highlights the risk of car accidents occurring in supermarket car parks.

The RAA recently revealed that over half (53 per cent) of all the stationary damage happens at these locations and 13 per cent of all motor insurance claims were the result of car park incidents.

As fleet services are likely to be around the city each day and in and out of car parks, it is important to stress the importance of safe driving in these situations.

RAA Claims Manager Hayley Cain explained that 32 per cent of incidents are caused by reversing - making attention and focus key to increasing safety.

"We urge all drivers to think about how close they park to other vehicles and how safely their car is positioned to try and minimise the likelihood of damage," she said in a July 17 media release.

According to the RAA, most claims are worth around $1,200 which, is significant given the relative minor nature of small dents and scratches. To avoid these costs, Ms Cain reminded drivers that you are 100 per cent liable if reversing out of or into car parks.

"You are bound by road rules in a car park the same as on the road so follow the speed limit, road signs and pedestrian markings," she explained.

"But most importantly, take extra care to check your mirrors and for other vehicles when parking and reversing. If you reverse out of a park into them, then you are at fault."

She concluded by stating that if the spot looks too risky to attempt, consider parking further away from the entrance or up an extra level for a safer park.

If your fleet vehicle is involved in a car park accident, having fleet management software will be helpful. Drivers will be able to call at any time of day for assistance and service is available. This includes advice and support throughout the preparation of insurance documents for any claim.