Flying cars might be in our future

If you were a fan of the futuristic Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Jetsons, you might be interested to know that the flying car is a reality.

A Slovakian company has made what they call the Aeromobil 2.5.  It has been in the pipeline for 20 years with plenty of research and development during that time.

It has recently undergone its first successful test flight and Chief Designer Stefan Klein said the vehicle has been constructed so you can drive out of your garage, onto the street and straight to the airport.

There you can unfold the wings and take to the skies.

Aeromobil fits into a standard car park and can handle traffic. Another benefit is that it can be filled up at your local service station, enabling you more time to get to where you’re going.

In terms of fuel consumption, the Aeromobil uses around 15L per hour when its in the air and around 7.5L per 100km when it’s got its wheels on the ground.

The vehicle seats two and its 100 horsepower engine means it can cruise along at around 200 km/ hour.

The vehicle only weighs just under 500kg, which is lighter than a Ford Fiesta. It features a Rotax aviation engine and you can switch it to power either the propellor or the front wheels.

If you’re a fleet manager, and your employees often take domestic flights, this could indicate where the industry is going in future.

This may also have great environmental effects as it means less jet fuel is being burnt in the airways.

Civil Aviation law may have to change to incorporate the invention, but once this is set up, it will be a breeze to get from work to your next destination, whether it be down the road or down to the next state.