Fuel cell cars to grow in dominance

There are already plenty of options out there for any fleet manager looking to add green cars to their lineup.

So far, these have mainly included electric and hybrid vehicles, but the less widespread fuel cell battery-powered cars may soon become yet another viable option.

That is the opinion of energy research firm GlobalData, whose recent report titled 'Fuel Cells - Global Market Size, Segmentation, Competitive Landscape, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2020' predicts big things are in store for fuel cells in the automotive sector.

According to the report, the international fuel cells market will be worth a whopping AUD$8.26 billion by 2020, representing a CAGR of 44.7 per cent. Just last year, this market was worth around AUD$428 million.

Harsha Reddy Nagatham, GlobalData's analyst for alternative energy, said that while the development of fuel cell technology has long been hindered by high costs, governments around the world could help by providing funding.

"Support from governments and intra-governmental research organizations may help increase economies of scale initially, and eventually reduce the manufacturing cost in pursuit of commercialising this technology on a large scale," he explained in a December 5 statement.

Boasting similar levels of environmental friendliness to traditional options such as electric and hybrid vehicles, fuel cell cars are set to provide a fresh take on car fuel consumption and challenge these models' dominance in the green car sector.

If you're wondering how your current fleet is performing in terms of the environment, using fleet software could be a solution. The best software packages offer environmental rating reports that give an accurate overview of each vehicle's emissions levels and its impact on the environment.

Performing such analyses could give you a better idea of whether looking into fuel cell cars could be a good investment for the future.