Fuel efficiency tips that can save your fleet money this summer

A big part of successfully managing a fleet of company vehicles is identifying ways to reduce expenses.

This can be done through a variety of ways, such as streamlining maintenance and servicing, integrating a priority booking system and, of course, minimising fuel consumption.

Here are a few basic steps that any Australian fleet manager might consider taking in order to cut back on petrol expenses.

Talk to your drivers

Driver behaviour can have a major influence on fuel consumption, and it could be worthwhile talking to your staff about how they are choosing to operate their vehicles.

By slowing down and driving more safely, they can not only save on petrol but also help reduce the risk of getting into an accident during the busy holiday season.

You might want to remind them that getting to their destination safely and efficiently is more important than getting there quickly, and that this can often see a marked difference in fuel consumption rates.

Invest in fleet software

Fleet software is a great tool for identifying potential ways to cut back on fuel consumption, as it can offer advanced reporting modules which immediately highlights any excessive fuel usage.

Knowledge is power, and fleet software can give you the information you need to determine exactly where inefficiencies are occurring in your fleet of company vehicles.

Consider procuring green cars

Green cars are not only great for the environment but are also an excellent way to cut back on fleet expenses as well, and can be an excellent investment in any vehicle fleet.

This is an area where a fleet management service can help, as they can assist you in organising a competitive online vehicle tendering process to help secure the best deals on the range of green cars available.