Fuel price board transparency coming to Australia

A national standard is being developed for fuel price board transparency, to make it easier to find the real cost of fuel.

The federal, state and territory consumer affairs ministers held a meeting in Brisbane on November 7 to discuss the implementation of a national standard for fuel price boards, so motorists are no longer being misled.

Some service stations are advertising the discounted rates available in conjunction with supermarket fuel dockets rather than the full cash amount.

Motoring clubs around the country have been advocating for change, according to Australian Automobile Association (AAA) Chief Executive Andrew McKellar.

"Many motorists are being misled or confused by price boards that don't clearly display the actual price of fuel," he said.

This makes it difficult to calculate fuel consumption. A review will make it fairer and more transparent for all motorists.

There is also confusion around the cost of premium unleaded fuel and diesel, two options that have become more popular. Motorists of these cars should also be able to see how much fuel will cost them.

AAA spokesman James Goodwin said the discounted price after the supermarket discount is applied should be displayed next to the full price.

Creating a national standard will make it easier for drivers to travel around the country as it will be clear what the real cost is in all states and territories.

Currently, New South Wales and South Australia are the only states that ban service stations from displaying discounted prices.

Discussion around this issue was led by Federal Member for Small Business Bruce Billson who said a national standard will provide clear information for consumers, including the fleet manager.

"It's important we look at the current state of play in regards to the clarity of fuel price boards for consumers and how the current fragmented approach to regulation in this area could potentially be creating unnecessary costs for the industry," his spokesperson told drive.com.au.