Fuel prices too high, says RAA

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) has condemned fuel prices in South Australia, saying that road users are not receiving the benefits of recent price drops.

The industry body said a 10 cents per litre drop in crude oil prices should have been passed on at service stations. However, petrol prices have not decreased, leaving vehicle owners paying more.

Fleet managers in particular will be disappointed not to see even a slight drop in their fuel prices, as it remains one of the most expensive daily purchases for a company - particularly one operating many vehicles.

The RAA's Regional Fuel Star Ratings look into the cost of different areas of the country. Senior Analyst at the organisation Chris West said motorists have been getting in touch to voice their concerns and frustrations with fuel costs.

"Many country motorists have been contacting RAA to raise their concerns about the fuel price divide between city and country," explained Mr West.

"We're seeing 18-month low prices in Adelaide at $1.29 per litre, while in the country they are being charged $1.40-$1.60 per litre."

The senior analyst also said fuel prices were too varied across the state, with country towns holding rates too high for too long, instead of passing along savings.

"If regional fuel retailers had passed on the crude oil drop as has happened in Adelaide, country motorists in most major towns would be seeing ULP (unleaded petrol) prices in the high $1.30 range."

The difficulties of meeting and affording to run vehicles is a constant concern for road users and businesses across the nation. Managers will be looking at ways to reduce fuel consumption in business fleets, and this can take extra planning.

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