Fuel ratings steady in South Australia

The results of RAA's latest Regional Fuel Ratings have been described as 'disappointing' by an analyst at the organisation.

There has been little comfort for fleet managers in South Australia as many towns continue to charge exorbitant prices for petrol. It is already difficult for businesses to control their fuel consumption without being ripped off at the pump. 

Rural towns are performing better than their regional neighbours, with the RAA explaining that those in remote areas are actually getting price reductions quicker than fleets closer to Adelaide.

According to the organisation, wholesale petrol prices dropped 3 cents per litre (cpl) during the first three weeks in May and then increased 2cpl in the last week. Despite this, many towns failed to pass the savings onto fleets and grabbed a tidy profit for themselves.

Port Augusta reigned supreme over other state towns for another month, having risen up from 15th place in December and increased its fuel rating to 3.9/5. The town has the cheapest petrol (4.4/5) and LPG (2.7/5) and its diesel ranked 3rd (3.6/5).

There were also big improvements for both Riverland towns. Loxton remained in 2nd place, while Renmark climbed one place into 3rd.

Chris West, RAA Senior Analyst, said towns closest to Adelaide were the ones charging more than they should.

"RAA's fuel ratings measure whether fuel retailers pass on cost price reductions at the same rate as cost price increases, so it's surprising that Coober Pedy - despite their overall higher price - is actually passing on petrol and diesel wholesale price reductions onto motorists faster than many other townships," he said.

"Coober Pedy's diesel rated better than 11 other towns and it was only due to its poor rating for LPG that prevented it from being higher in the overall ratings."

Top five regional South Australian fuel ratings (April rating in brackets)

1. Port Augusta 3.9 (1)

2. Loxton 3.1 (2)

3. Renmark 2.9 (4)

4. Clare 2.8 (6)

5. Whyalla 2.7 (5)