Funding to upgrade Australia's 'most dangerous' highway

The Bruce Highway - a road notorious for and deemed "one of the most dangerous in Australia" by AAA executive director Andrew McKellar - will soon be receiving $690 million worth of upgrades.

This is thanks to the 2013-14 Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP), which is dedicated to improving this "1,700 kilometre lifeline".

Scott Emerson, minister for transport and main roads, also said that the recently released Queensland Budget will deliver an extra $340 million to this important infrastructure project over the next four years.

This funding demonstrates that the government is making an effort to keep its promise of "an additional $1 billion over 10 years to bring the Bruce Highway up to a satisfactory standard".

QTRIP's ultimate goal is to boost safety and improve flood mitigation on this road, as well as deliver more capacity.

The Bruce Highway is already the biggest traffic carrier in Australia - so chances are your fleet vehicles have spent some time on it. They may even have been damaged by its until-now unkempt state.

Upgrading this road will not only make those driving the cars in your fleet safer, but also help you to keep your fleet maintenance costs down.

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