Get the most out of your vehicles with Smartfleet management software

If you're looking for comprehensive fleet management software, look no further than Smartfleet for your vehicle booking needs.

By centralising your fleet services, we can help you to increase the productivity of your vehicles by closely monitoring their usage and making suggestions about how to maximise their use.

For example, you can set a priority setting for vehicle booking. Vehicles with fuel efficient engines or low kilometres can have priority when it comes to your booking system, allowing you the freedom to cut costs and increase revenue through selective vehicle booking.

There are four different levels of security within the system, giving you complete control over the degrees of access your employees have.

The customer service administrator has the capability to create other users, and has complete access to the system, right through to a pool car user, who only has basic access to their own bookings.

Furthermore, utilisation reports will identify whether there are too many vehicles, or not enough, within your fleet.

Monthly kilometre readings are collated to ensure that your fleet managers are able to ensure an even spread of work across your vehicles and utilise each and every vehicle to the most of its capabilities.

This relates to the fuel consumption monitoring of your vehicles. Keeping a close eye on the fuel usage within your fleet could highlight an area where costs can be cut and money can be saved.

These reports can lead the way to changes within your fleet, including a change in driver behaviour, vehicle configuration and the type of fuel being used by your vehicles.

If you're a fleet manager looking for a software solution to help ensure your vehicles are operating at their peak, get in contact with the team at Smartfleet today.

Their expertise and advice can help you to get the most out of your fleet services and operate at the fullest potential.