Give your drivers peace of mind this summer with 24/7 roadside assistance

There can't be many things worse than getting into a fender-bender or having your car break down while out and about. Being stranded on the side of the road for long periods of time can be frustrating, costly and even dangerous, especially in the hot summer months.

That's why any Australian fleet manager concerned about their drivers' wellbeing and safety should consider investing in 24/7 roadside assistance for their fleet in 2013.

With roadside assistance, drivers have the option to call for help any time day or night with the assurance that trained experts are available to assist with any automotive problems they might run into.

Not only does this give your organisation's employees peace of mind and allow them to work in a stress free and productive environment, it also ensures that your fleet vehicles are seen to by professional specialists as quickly and conveniently as possible.

There are fleet services available which can manage all the expenses and related paperwork of a roadside assistance service, ensuring that a comprehensive record of any on-road incidents is kept at all times.

A good fleet service provider can also offer accident management, which provides you and your employees with a one stop shop for all their accident related needs.

This includes thorough documentation of the incident scene, procedural advice and even support when it comes to the complicated task of preparing and filing insurance documents.

The result of all this is that not only are your drivers able to work with confidence and peace of mind, but your entire fleet can operate in a more efficient and streamlined manner safe in the knowledge that any unforeseen road incidents are essentially already taken care of.