GM and Honda team up to create next-generation fuel cell systems

The internet is alive with the news that General Motors and Honda will be teaming up to produce the next-generation of fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage technologies.

And, reveals Go Auto, green cars don't come much greener than this. Apparently these two giants of the automotive world are aiming to create vehicles that have water as their one-and-only emission.

A July 2 press release demonstrated that both businesses believe such technology will be ready by 2020.

General Motors and Honda have said that advancing refueling infrastructure is a high priority, and absolutely critical "for the long-term viability and consumer acceptance of fuel cell vehicles".

They would know, given that General Motors and Honda currently hold first and second place respectively on the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index for the number of fuel patents they filed between 2002 and 2012.

Dan Akerson, chairman and chief executive officer of General Motors, said that the collaboration between General Motors and Honda would build on the strengths of both companies, who he called "leaders in hydrogen fuel technology".

"We are convinced this is the best way to develop this important technology," Mr Akerson added, which has the potential to help reduce the dependence on petroleum and establish sustainable mobility".

Apparently fuel cell electric vehicles have the edge when it comes to zero carbon-dioxide emission technologies.

This, at least, is the opinion of Honda's president and chief executive officer, Takanobu Ito, who said these vehicles have range and refueling times that are comparable to conventional gas-fuelled cars.

While your business may not be able to purchase such environmentally friendly vehicles for a few years yet, you can still make a difference by opting for cars with low fuel consumption levels.

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