Government is developing 5 key programmes to improve highways

Both fleet managers and drivers will reap the benefits of several key programmes designed to improve Australian roads and highways. Millions are being invested into these initiatives, spread across the states and territories. Infrastructure is being strengthened through a variety of projects. 

National Highway Upgrade Programme

With a significant budget of $229 million, several projects are being launched over the next four years. The funding will go towards widening the roads, additional turning lanes and overtaking lanes, reconstructing pavements and making intersections safer. 

New South Wales is offered $61.35 million under this scheme. The other states have varying amounts of funding allocation based on their needs. For instance, Queensland received $49.3 million, Western Australia got $32.2 million and $35.07 million was provided for Victoria. 

Roads to Recovery Programme

The objective for this scheme is to work efficiently with local councils and governments to have safer roads throughout the Commonwealth. Over the upcoming years, $2.1 billion will be devoted to this cause. During this last year, $350 million has already been expended. 

Black Spot Programme

This plan is designed to improve the most dangerous stretches of road throughout Australia. A significant $565 million is set aside for ensuring these risky areas are improved for safety.  

Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme

This is particularly beneficial for companies managing fleets of trucks or heavy vehicles, as $248 million is being invested for increasing the numbers of rest areas along the roads. The freight network connections will also be improved.

Both local governments and the federal government are sharing costs to achieve this. For example, the $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link project is also being funded with $925 million from the government. 

Bridges Renewal Programme

The $300 million for renewing bridges will be split throughout the country. For instance, $9.56 million is invested into renovating bridges along Western Australian roads. 

Fleet maintenance can be better organised knowing these programmes have been put in place to help drivers.