Government fleet managers embrace green cars

If fleet managers around Australia needed anymore inspiration when it comes to choosing green cars, they can look to the Queensland government for guidance. 

With organisations around the country demanding more sustainable businesses practices, embracing the benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles is one of the best ways to start making a difference. 

While some may be waiting for the limited all-electric vehicle market to expand, plenty of manufacturers now offer hybrid variants to satisfy demand. On top of this, more automotive brands can be expected to commit to these variants as the technology becomes more familiar to them. 

Queensland government goes green

The state government in Queensland will be getting a taste of their automotive future when it adopts eight new plug in hybrid electric vehicles into its fleet. While these cars aren't fully electric - they still have an internal combustion engine as backup - they can actually run on the electric motor alone, a significant step in creating a greener future. 

According to Minister for Energy Mark Bailey, the initiative will provide both long- and short-term benefits for the state. 

"Investing in electric vehicles is in the long-term interests of Queensland, so it is gratifying to see partnerships like this driving investment," he said. 

The government's drivers won't be sacrificing practicality with these new vehicles either. As they're SUVs, the fleet will be just as mobile as it ever was - without the emissions of course. 

What green cars are there?

While plug in electric hybrid vehicles are a great start for fleet managers looking to dip their toes in the water, there are other options that take the commitment to fuel saving to the next level. 

Tesla, one of the most disruptive automotive manufacturers at present, is bringing its mastery of the all-electric powerplant to a consumer favourite - the SUV. 

SUVs and their smaller crossover counterparts have been ruling the roost since their invention, with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries finding the sales of these vehicles have increased 20 per cent over last year. 

Naturally, Tesla has capitalised on these developments, with the announcement that its upcoming Model X will be an all-electric SUV - combining two of the hottest automotive trends. 

However, the company couldn't remain completely sensible, fitting what it's calling Falcon Wing doors. This radical design echoes the gullwing options that used to be found on Mercedes. After all, if you've bought a car which has the potential to change the world, you may as well advertise it.