Government invests in Victorian road safety

Victorian premier Ted Baillieu has announced that the state government is increasing the amount it plans to invest in road safety maintenance over the next decade to more than $1 billion.

Roads minister Terry Mulder says that the increase in investment will help ensure that money is being delivered to the locations where it is needed the most, and where the most tangible benefit in terms of reduced driver injury will be seen.

"Hundreds of locations around the state will get infrastructure upgrades which will have a significant impact in reducing road trauma," said Mr Mulder on March 1.

The announcement comes as part of the current Coalition government's ten year road safety strategy, which is aimed at reducing death and serious injuries on the road by more than 30 per cent by the year 2022.

According to Mr Baillieu, the ten year plan will help "reinvigorate" efforts to bring down the state road toll, and in the process cement Victoria's reputation as being an Australian-wide leader in road safety.

However Mr Baillieu has noted that while the government can invest in road safety measures such as enforcement, education and innovation, it is the responsibility of all Victorian citizens to play their part.

"Everybody - drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists - has a responsibility to make the right choices because it’s those choices that will help us reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads," said Mr Baillieu.

If you are a Victorian fleet manager looking to do your part to improve driver safety, it might be worthwhile sitting down with staff and reminding them to take care while out and about on the roads in 2013.

Strong driver education programs - alongside regular and thorough fleet maintenance - can be an invaluable tool in ensuring employees stay safe on the roads, so the value of this step should not be underestimated.