GPS company reveals Australia's busiest cities

If your fleet is always late because of traffic - you are not alone.

According to new data from GPS company TomTom, Australian cities are some of the most congested in the world, with Sydney claiming the national title. The NSW capital also ranked 17th overall, which isn't particularly exactly something to be proud of.

GPS data allows TomTom to calculate its annual traffic index and give each city a congestion rating. This is based on the extra time it takes to complete a journey, compared to how long the trip would take if the roads were empty.

In Sydney morning rush hour, the congestion rating reaches 66 per cent. This indicates a journey would take one-and-two-third times longer than when the roads are empty. It was revealed that Sydney's average congestion rating is 34 per cent so even everyday driving takes one-and-a-third times longer than it should.

Of all the major Australian cities, only Canberra can hold their heads up. The nation's capital is half as congested as their northern neighbours at 17 per cent and is the only city in the country to maintain its congestion. Every other city became busier since the last traffic index.

Melbourne fleets do not escape the clutches of congestion either. The average congestion rating in the Victorian capital is 27 per cent which increases to 52 per cent in the morning traffic. Perth is very similar to Melbourne, registering an average of 27 per cent as well, but the roads are much clearer in the morning at 45 per cent.

In heavy congestion, vehicles use more petrol so it is vital that managers can track fuel consumption through fleet management software. The software can indicate which vehicles are running efficiently and which should be removed from the road during periods of heavy traffic.

Top five most congested cities worldwide:

1. Moscow: 74 per cent

2. Istanbul: 62 per cent

3. Rio de Janeiro: 55 per cent

4. Mexico City: 54 per cent

5. São Paulo: 46 per cent