Green Brands report endorses automotive industry

The automotive industry has once again come out on top in this year's Best Global Green Brands report.

An impressive five of the leading ten brands in 2013's report were vehicle manufacturers, with Toyota, Ford and Honda gaining first, second and third place respectively. Nissan came in fifth, while Volkswagen placed seventh.

This is the third annual Best Global Green Brands report, which studies the environmental performance of global brands and compares their green practices with consumers' perceptions of them.

The report is conducted by Interbrand in conjunction with Deloitte.

Vehicle manufacturers continue to rank highly because the automotive industry is well-regulated and they invest heavily in "meeting sustainability goals and complying with regulations".

Many have shown their commitment to sustainable manufacturing by creating innovative green cars.

For example, Toyota has earned the title of Best Global Green Brand for the third year in a row because, according to the report, it "continues to dominate the hybrid vehicle market".

Ford and Nissan have also stepped up to the innovative plate, creating the EcoBoost and LEAF respectively.

The Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius are currently sitting in second and fourth place on the Australian government's Green Vehicle Guide, which ranks vehicles based on fuel-efficiency and emissions.

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