Green Car Journal announces inaugural Green Car Technology Award nominations

Green Car Journal has announced the ten nominations for its inaugural Green Car Technology Awards, which will look to honour the scientific breakthroughs that have helped create a new generation of fuel efficient vehicles in 2012.

Amongst the nominations is the Ford Auto Stop-Start feature, which allows engines to automatically shut off and restart as necessary in order to save fuel, in much the same way as a hybrid engine operates.

The Honda Eco Assist function has also been nominated. Eco Assist allows drivers to activate the ECON feature in their car, which automatically reconfigures the engine in order to operate with greater fuel efficiency.

Editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal Ron Cogan says that green technologies which allow automobiles to achieve greater fuel economy and lessen environmental impact are often "the unsung heroes of the automotive world".

"Whether employed in alternative fuel or conventionally powered vehicles, these technologies work in their own ways toward bringing us more environmentally positive transportation without sacrificing the functionality and driving enjoyment we expect from our vehicles," said Mr Cogan in a statement released December 3.

Other nominations include Mazda's SkyACTIVE system and Nissan's Easy-Fill Tire Alert, which automatically alerts the driver when a tyre is underinflated and may be reducing fuel efficiency.

The winner of the award will be officially announced on January 31 at the 2013 Washington Auto Show in Washington, DC.

Washington Auto Show Chairman Robert Fogarty has expressed his pride at being able to host the awards at his event, which he claims has long been committed to highlighting the latest and greatest progress in the field of green car technology.

"We are honoured to have the opportunity to host the nominees and winners for this important award's inaugural year," said Mr Fogarty.