Green car news: Toyota reach milestone

Green cars are becoming more popular on Australian roads, and it's becoming easier to fill them up too.

This is the result of two reports, the first by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, who recently announced that they have reached a new benchmark with the sales of their popular hybrid technology.

Toyota announced that they sold their 7 millionth hybrid vehicle, making it the world's largest producer of the eco-friendly technology. What's more 67,000 of these have been to the Australian market, which is quickening the uptake of its hybrid technology, launched more than 17 years ago.

Toyota sales (which also include Toyota-owned brand Lexus) reached 6 million in December 2013, meaning the latest million sales have been made in less than a year. The manufacturer only reached the 3 million total in February 2011, accelerating rapidly in recent years.

The company outlined the value it places on green technology, saying there are "plans to continue working to enhance performance, reduce costs and expand its product line-up to create vehicles that are popular with consumers".

Tesla gearing up for the Aussie market

US electric car manufacturer Tesla is preparing to launch into the Australian market by developing a network of recharging stations across the country.

Tesla Superchargers, as the stations are known, are expected to use solar panels to collect energy and refuel the electric models - potentially for free.

Tesla have 231 recharging stations across North America, Europe and Japan, allowing car owners to refill their vehicles and allowing "owners to travel for free between major cities," Solar Choice reported this month.

The currently established stations can charge an electric vehicle to half its capacity in around 20 minutes, and can handle between four and 10 cars at a time.

At the launch of Tesla in Japan, CEO Elon Musk said: "I'm a big proponent of solar. I think the combination of solar and electric cars can actually work extremely well for a country like Japan. There's actually enough sun on Japan to completely power Japan with just solar. Many times over."

With Australia, too, a solar hotspot throughout the year, more fleet managers may yet find electric vehicles a greater option.