Guide to commonly misunderstood road rules

The New South Wales Centre for Road Safety (CRS) has released a series of online videos to increase awareness of commonly misunderstood and broken road rules.

These videos have been released to coincide with the second annual Road Rules Awareness Week in NSW, running from February 24 to 28 this year.

Centre for Road Safety General Manager Marg Prendergast explained the videos would help all road users better understand the rules and laws they may be taking for granted or misunderstanding.

"These videos will show you how to negotiate a roundabout, the rules around school zones and how to legally use your mobile phone while driving," Ms Prendergast said in a February 24 media release.

"Speed limits, stop signs, no right turn, no entry... There are regular reminders of some rules on the road, but for some other rules it is useful to get the occasional refresher."

In addition to accessing the videos online at, motorists and other road users can pick up a Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules guide from Services NSW and Roads and Maritime Services registries all of this week.

Ms Prendergast has urged all road users to consider viewing the videos or reading the guide as it's not just drivers who can benefit from an in depth knowledge of the road rules.

"We are all responsible for both our own safety on the roads, and the safety of all those we interact with. Our individual and collective safety is one big team effort," she explained.

If you are an Australian fleet manager, make the most of Road Rules Awareness Week by ensuring your drivers are well versed on the most commonly misunderstood laws. Encourage your staff to view the videos even if they insist they know these rules, as they may be surprised by unexpected gaps in their knowledge.