Hands off mobiles while driving

Often businesses require their fleet drivers and managers to be in contact at all times. This includes being able to answer an email, text or call while on the road.

However, as a fleet manager it is important to provide your staff with the equipment they need to keep their hands off their mobile device while behind the wheel.

This can be as simple as installing a hands-free system in your fleet vehicles but sometimes your drivers might need a little more encouragement to leave the mobile phone in its holster.

According to Transport New South Wales, mobile phones were reported as the contributing factor in 157 crashes on NSW roads between 2006 and 2010. Additionally, from July 2010 to June 2011 more than 52,000 fines were issues to drivers in NSW using hand-held mobile devices.

In order to reduce these troubling statistics, it's important to ensure your drivers are following best practice safety standards when operating their vehicle. Additionally, including hands-free devices in your fleet management program will help encourage safer mobile connection.

Fleet managers can also benefit from a government drive to minimise the use of mobile devices on the road. Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay has launched a new phase in the local 'Get Your Hand Off It' road safety campaign.

"This is one of the biggest road safety issues in NSW. Taking your hand off the wheel and taking your eyes off the road to text or use social media threatens the safety of all road users," Mr Gay said in a March 7 media release.

"Our cheeky slogan 'Get Your Hand Off It' is about making the practice of using your phone while driving unacceptable."

The latest stage in the scheme involved the release of a number of entertaining music videos to be used as part of the TV and radio advertisements - raising awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

These clips can be viewed on the official Transport New South Wales website or on local television over the coming months.