HiLux retains grip on Australia's 4WD market

If you're a fleet manager working in a heavy industry, you'll no doubt have plenty to thank the Toyota HiLux for.

The legendary 4WD has been a staple in Australia's light commercial vehicle market for years, thanks in no small part to its famed ruggedness and versatility.

And the latest vehicle sales figures only drive home the point that the HiLux is here to stay for years to come. According to statistics cited by Toyota Australia, 2013 saw the HiLux record its ninth straight year as the top-selling 4WD in the country.

Just fewer than 30,000 HiLux variants were sold last year, a feat which is especially impressive when you consider that it racked up around 7,500 more sales than its nearest competitor.

In addition to dominating the 4WD market for the best part of the decade, the 2WD variant of the HiLux is just as popular on these shores. In fact, when you take into account all its models, the HiLux has been the top seller in Australia's light commercial vehicles market for 16 consecutive years.

Combined HiLux 4WD and 2WD sales almost topped 40,000 last year, meaning it was the third best-selling vehicle in the Australian market behind only the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda3.

The HiLux has for some time been the fleet vehicle of choice for a range of industries across Australia, and its immense popularity is a big contributor to the success of Toyota Down Under. According to recent figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), Toyota was the top-selling brand in Australia last year, claiming almost a fifth of the local market.

In addition to its perfect fit for this country's rugged terrains, safety is one of the main reasons fleet managers prefer the HiLux. All models from 2013 onwards have the full set of airbags, meaning your staff are protected at all times.