How can a Performance Dashboard boost your bottom line?

To run an successful business, any fleet manager understands that the numbers need to be in order. Without the information on hand, it is close to impossible to ensure the business is working as efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, this is one of the benefits of fleet management software. Online reports and graphs are created across a number of parameters and incorporate fully up​-to-the-minute data for your convenience.

One of the reporting tools available is the Performance Dashboard, which displays consolidated data so fleet managers can identify areas of improvement across the business.

How is the Performance Dashboard calculated?

Through a scorecard method, each of the different performance metrics are calculated throughout the fleet. This takes into account multiple departments, sites and cost centres to ensure that the score is representative of the whole enterprise.

What are the dimensions are measured for review?

  • Fuel

Fuel consumption is an important part of running a fleet. Through the software, each vehicle's fuel consumption is measured and analysed for the Performance Dashboard.

As some vehicles could be running more efficiently than others, it is important to recognise what fleet cars are using the most fuel. This means fleet managers can limit their time on the road and minimise costs.

  • Registration/ Administration costs 

Registration and administration fleet costs differ across states so it is critical to get a gauge on what departments are spending more than others. By having this data on your desktop, fleet managers can make better decisions about the business finances.

  • Servicing and maintenance

Servicing and maintaining older fleet vehicles can be costly and identifying problem cars is a good way of minimising potential headaches. 

  • Average GVG (green and environmental) ratings

Green ratings are important today given the carbon tax situation. The average ratings are provided instantly for vehicles which makes it easy for issues to be spotted and dealt with in a timely manner.