How do I reduce carbon gas emissions in my fleet?

The world is changing, and we are a big part of that. Our use of fossil fuels may be necessary right now, but there are ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and have less of an impact on the environment.

Not only will such methods clear your conscience, there is the added benefit of spending less money and time at the pump as fuel consumption falls.

Whatever your reasons for running a greener fleet, here are three ways you can look into doing so today.

1 - Manage fuel

By closely monitoring your fuel consumption, driver behaviour and fill-up information, you will have the tools to make informed decisions and ultimately cut your reliance on petrol and diesel.

The best fleet management software will allow you to do this, while comparing your usage against the manufacturer's guidelines so you know how you are faring.

2 - Avoid traffic

Few things waste fuel and needlessly kick out more greenhouse gas than being stuck idle in traffic. By monitoring your fleet more carefully, you can find which routes are the quickest and which leave your drivers stuck behind the wheel.

3 - Car pool

Why send two vehicles when one will do? Few things will frustrate a fleet manager more than seeing two drivers pull up in their forecourt from the same job or site.

Organising this can be tricky without leaving some employees standing around waiting for someone else to finish their job, but software to manage pool booking will make planning a shared journey easier.

Lowering your carbon emissions does not need to take months of planning. Why not give one of our experts at Smartfleet a call if you have a spare 10 minutes during the day? They will be able to give you an idea of how to do this sooner rather than later.