How do people want green cars to look?

Many automotive manufacturers are looking to make grand statements with their green cars, and not just with the technologically advanced engines under the hood. 

Some designers are equating futuristic engines and fuel figures with spaceship-esque exteriors, just to prove to people that they're the real deal. But is this what consumers want? 

The continued drive for fuel efficient vehicles shows that fleet managers and other consumers are definitely keen on the technology, but the futuristic look might be taking things a bit too far. 

Consumers want green cars to look "normal"

Car sales website Autotrader did some research into consumer demands surrounding cars that use alternative powerplants, such as hybrid engines or electric motors. 

As it turns out, the majority (51 per cent) don't want to advertise the fact that they own a green car, and would rather reap the benefits without showing off. This group believes they should look like normal cars instead of prototypes for the future. 

Adventurous consumers, on the other hand, seem to be few and far between. Only 13 per cent of respondents would accept these cars looking slightly different to their gas-guzzling counterparts. 

Despite what some designers have produced, only 4 per cent of those surveyed want alternatively fueled cars to look like a whole different beast to the model they're replacing. While cars such as the BMW i8 and Fisker Karma might look like they embody the future, these results indicate they may have gone too far too soon. 

Fleet managers with their eye on the environment might have to rein in their excitement when choosing green cars if they want to keep their drivers on side, as efforts to make a statement and stand out could put most of them off. 

It looks likes the green car revolution might be a silent one after all.