How to drive green

Any fleet manager will know that reducing their vehicles' carbon footprint is becoming an increasingly pertinent issue.

Even without pressure from the government and environmental activists, it makes sense to ensure that your fleet is being operated in a sustainable manner.

Driving 'green' doesn't necessarily mean you have to invest in a new fleet of electric cars.

An eco-friendly mindset can be encouraged in your staff to make sure they are limiting environmental damage when using your current vehicles.

Here is some advice on how to turn your fleet green:

Reduce your speed

Road safety advocates around the world are constantly urging motorists to reduce their speed to prevent unnecessary crashes - but did you know that this behaviour can also help you cut down on your fuel consumption? explains that keeping to the posted speed limit will help in reducing dangerous driving behaviours, such as braking and accelerating suddenly. This will not only keep your engine happy, but will also improve your fuel efficiency.

Get your vehicles serviced

Ann Job of MSN Autos recommends keeping each vehicle in your fleet well maintained, in order to enhance efficiency and limit environmental impact.

She says it is important to check up regularly on the little things, such as replacing the air and fuel filters.

A proper fleet maintenance schedule for your entire fleet can go a long way in saving both the environment and your fleet costs.

Invest in a fleet management program

It can be hard to keep track of how your fleet is performing in terms of its impact on the environment.

Fortunately, there is fleet software available these days that can help you do just that, with minimum effort.

Smartfleet's software for fleet management provides environmental rating reports for each vehicle in your fleet, so you can see for yourself how you are doing in driving sustainably.