How to eliminate toll and infringement management headaches

People who are placed in charge of a fleet of company cars often have a lot on their plate, such as dealing with the procurement and disposal of vehicles, ensuring fuel efficiency is at a respectable level and planning for fleet maintenance and servicing.

But if there is one issue that is most likely to cause headaches and frustration when it comes to fleet management, it's ensuring timely toll and infringement payments.

These might not seem like big problems at first glance, but missing a toll payment can lead to ballooning costs and unjustifiable expenses further down the line.

Unpaid fines can be even more stress-inducing as they can lead to vehicles not being registered on time and drivers being kept off the roads.

Luckily, many Australian fleet managers are now beginning to realise the value of fleet services which can keep track of these payments and ensure they are paid on time and efficiently all year round.

Because everything is done electronically, a full e-record is kept of all payments for review and evaluation further down the line.

At the same time, the fleet manager remains in control because no payments are made without his or her authorisation.

And because fleet services can also assist with the other aforementioned tasks of managing a fleet - such as procurement and disposal of vehicles, maintaining fuel efficiency and scheduling fleet maintenance - the entire fleet management process can be streamlined in a more efficient manner.

That means fewer headaches in the head office and a better looking budget at the end of the day. No matter what industry you are in, it's hard to argue with those results.